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Chacma Baboon
You can find the Chacma Baboon in the Savannah and they breed all year round but mainly in the summer. They can be found in troops of up tp 50 and feed on berries, fruit, seeds, buds, eggs and birds.
Lesser bushbaby
Lesser bushbabys are found in the Savannah and Accacia woodlands in small family groups or alone. Their breeding time is in summer and feed on insects wild berries and flowers.
Banded mongoose
The Banded Mongoose grows up to 55 cm in length and is found in the savannah in thickets and rocky outcrops. It feeds on snakes, carrion and wild fruit.
Antbear (Aardvark) 
The Antbear can grow 1.6M in length and can be found throughout the Greater KNP. They are usually found alone. Their diet is insectivorous favouring termites.
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