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Chacma Baboon
You can find the Chacma Baboon in the Savannah and they breed all year round but mainly in the summer. They can be found in troops of up tp 50 and feed on berries, fruit, seeds, buds, eggs and birds.
Lesser bushbaby
Lesser bushbabys are found in the Savannah and Accacia woodlands in small family groups or alone. Their breeding time is in summer and feed on insects wild berries and flowers.
Banded mongoose
The Banded Mongoose grows up to 55 cm in length and is found in the savannah in thickets and rocky outcrops. It feeds on snakes, carrion and wild fruit.
Antbear (Aardvark) 
The Antbear can grow 1.6M in length and can be found throughout the Greater KNP. They are usually found alone. Their diet is insectivorous favouring termites.
Scrub Hare
The Scrub Hare grows to 55 cm in length and weighs 2Kg. You can find them in the open Savannah in good grass covers. They are normally found by themselves and occasionally in pairs.
The porcupine grows to 76 cm in length and weighs 14 Kg and is found throughout the Greater KNP. They are found in small family groups. It feeds on insects, wild berries and flowers.
The Buffalo grows up to 1.6M in height and weighs 750 Kg. They are found in the open Savannah near permanent water. They are often found in herds up to 500 with old bulls (Daga Boys) often solitary or in groups of 2 to 3. Buffalo's feed on tall coarse grasses.
Blue Wildebeest
Blue Wildebeest grow up to 1.5M and weigh 250Kg, they are found on the open plains in large herds. They feed primarily on the short grasses.
Warthog can grow up to 70cm and can weigh 80kg. They can be found on the open savannah with short grass in family groups. They are a mixed feeder that eat roots, tubers, fruit and grass.
African Elephant 
The african elephant can grow upto 2.8 Meters and can weigh up to 5 750Kg and can be found in the closed savannah and lives in family herds led by a matriarch. The bulls are solitary or in seperate groups. They feed on large quantities of grass, shoots, roots, bark, leaves and fruits.
Burchell's Zebra
Grows to 1.3M in height weighs 230 Kg. Zebra's can be found on the open Savannah in areas with a regular water supply, normally in family groups. They are grasers, preferring the taller grasses.
The hippopotamus grows to 1.5m in height and 1500Kg in weight. They like to live in permanent pools in the rivers and prefer areas close to good grass on which they graze at night.
White Rhino 
The white rhino grows up to 1.8 m and weighs 2 300 kg. It has a square lip and the head hangs low. They are very territorial animals and like flat open plains, short grass with permanent water. They are grasers.
Black Rhino
Black Rhino's grow to 1.6 m and weighs 800 - 1100 kg and they have a pointed (hooked) lip. They prefer thickets on the closed savannah. The black rhino's prefer a solitary lifestyle and are territorial animals that like twigs, leaves and forbs to eat.
The Giraffe grows up to 3.3 m and 1 200 kg in weight, they like the closed savannah. Daily water is not essential. The giraffe is a browser that particularly likes Accacia leaves
Wild dog 
The wild dog grows 38 cm in height and weighs 8-10 kg and likes to live where there is adequate water an a abundance of prey. They are highly gregarious animals that are found in packs up to 40. They feed on small to large mammals, depending on the size of the pack.
Side-striped jackal 
They grow to 38 cm in height and weighs 8-10 Kg. The striped jackal typicaly likes living in the savannah woodlands and is solitary during the day but pairs up before sunset. They feed on carion, rodents, insects, beetles, termites, reptiles and fruit.
Black-backed jackal
The black-backed jackal grows to 38 cm in height and weighs 7-8 Kg. They like relatively dry conditions, savannah and woodlands. They live singly, in pairs or parties. They like to eat carrion, small mammals, rodents, ground nesting birds, reptiles and insects.
The Hyaena grows to about 70 - 80 cm and weighs in at 65 - 70Kg. They like the Savannah plains and live in clans from between 5 & 20. They are predators and scavengers.
The Lion grows to 1 m in height and weighs between 180 and 230 kg. The Lion is a wide rangeing animal depending on the food supply. They are highly social animals and travel in small family prides to big groups. They like to eat medium to large hoofed animals and carrion.
The cheetah grows to 75 cm in height and weighs 40 - 50 kg. They like the open plains and the savannah woodland. They are solitary but pair up for maiting. They like to eat medium-small antelope,warthog and the young of large mammals.
They grow 75 cm in height and weighs 60 - 80 Kg. They like the dense riverine bush or mountains and forest. Leopard's are solitary animals except with young and like to eat insects, fish, reptiles, baboon and small antelope including impala
Servals grow to 50 cm tall and weigh 10 - 13 kg. They like living in the reedbeds, tall grass and low bush. They live in pairs or by them selves. Serval's feed on rodents, reptiles, insects, birds, frogs and wild fruit
Burchell's Zebra

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