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There are thousands of varieties of plants in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and the Kruger National Park.

All plants, whether grasses or others, vary in their attraction as food depending on how tasty they are, or how high the actual food value is. There are two types of plants that offer food to the animals. Grasses and non-grasses.

There are also two types of Herbivores. Grazers and Browsers.

A few animals, like Impala and Elephant graze and browse. Their choice wil depend on which plants offer the best quality food in the area. Different grazers eat different types of grass in the varying seasons. However they do have preference about the height of the grass they graze. Roan and Sable Antelope feed off taller grasses. Wildebeest prefer very short grass, and therefore often follow Zebra that graze medium-height grasses. Grass savannah provides food for a large number of animals. Therefore grazers are often heard animals.

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