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Tembe Elephant Park

Tembe Elephant Park (1)

The Tembe Elephant Park has remnants of the rare sand forest biome. This is the preferred habitat for Livingston's suni.
The Tembe Tribal Authority applied for the creation and protection of the Tembe Elephant Game Reserve in proposals presented on 26 November 1982: The purpose of the reserve was to:
Protect the lives and property of the local people from elephant
Preserve the last naturally occurring population of elephants in KwaZulu
Preserve and protect the unique sand forest vegetation
Protect one of the largest population of LIvingston's suni in Southern Africa, as well as other wildlife which occurs in the area.
The original management plan stated the primary objective was the, "Maintenance and conservation of existing habitat diversity, while allowing for natural succession where appropriate."
Special emphasis being placed on the protection and conservation of sandforest/sandveld thicket habitats and its associated fauna.

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Tembe Elephant Park is the largest elephant park in South Africa. The Big Five also find their home in this north-eastern region of KwaZulu-Natal, as well as more than 300 bird species and myriad other animals and plants.

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